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Thinking of donating an object?

The Tudor House Museum in Upton upon Severn is happy to accept donations to the collection, subject to space available.
However, we can only accept items that we don’t already have and that have a strong relevance to the history of Upton and the local area.

Examples are:

  • Items made in Upton upon Severn or its environs.
  • Items with Upton written on them.
  • Items that relate to significant events, a local person or organisation.If you can connect your object with Upton upon Severn or the surrounding areas in any way, we would be very interested to hear from you. Please contact in the first instance.If it is suitable for the Museum you will be asked to make an appointment to bring it in and to sign a form either transferring ownership to the Museum or lending it for a specified period If it isn’t suitable we will do our best to suggest another museum that may wish to have it.

    Please note, we cannot, under any circumstances, accept items without completion of the necessary paperwork. If we do not have your contact details or you do not return to collect an item, we will treat it as lost property and dispose of it as we see fit. The Trustees reserve the right to refuse any item(s) offered. Also, if accepted the Trustees reserve the right to display as they deem suitable.

Volunteering opportunities

Please contact us if you love local history and exploring museums, enjoy talking to people and would like to share your enthusiasm with local and overseas visitors to the Tudor House Museum.

We are actively looking for new volunteers. Hours are very flexible, from as little as a couple of hours a month to a day (or more) a week. If you can’t commit to regular times, but want to be involved in specific projects or even work on things at home, there are openings.

If you are interested, please contact us at


Tudor House Volunteers

Tudor House Volunteers

Charity Status

The Tudor House Museum is run exclusively by Trustees and Volunteers. We need to raise

money to help support the day to day running costs of the museum and for any special

projects in the museum and garden.

The Tudor House Museum is a charity run by Trustees and volunteers. Revenue from our sales table and second-hand book sales is a significant part of our fundraising and we greatly appreciate any support.


Every penny that comes from entrance fees, donations and sales goes directly to help the Volunteers to keep the museum open and ensures the historical artefacts and Tudor building remain in good repair for future generations of visitors to enjoy.

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