Victorian Items

The Household

The Kitchen, Laundry and Dairy sections will bring back many memories of items used by our grandparents. Here are early attempts at vacuum cleaners, a large number of kitchen utensils, and washhouse equipment to make you grateful for the washing machine and the tumble dryer. In the dairy area there

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Miniature Pottery

Miniature Pottery Display

The Miniature Pottery display, the Little House, where you can see Signor Testore working, is one of the works of Lavender Groves which are displayed in the Museum: others include a chess set and The Queen’s Beasts.

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Tailors Shop Upton

The Tailors Shop

The Tailor’s Shop came from No 17 Old Street and is displayed in the manner reminiscent of peeping through Mr Walton’s window. You can see the samples of cloth, the pattern books, the bolts of cloth, the order books, the scissors the sewing machines and the flat irons together with

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Victorian Bedroom

Home Life

Here are to be seen the bed and the dressing table for the adults and the cots for the children together with bed warmers and chamber pots for both. There are the pictures at which they looked and the clothes which they wore. The tea set and cups and saucers,

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Upton Railway

Railway Collection

For a century Upton had its own railway station. The Malvern, Upton on Severn, Ripple, Ashchurch Railway linked Upton to the rest of the country. There were a few regular passengers, but there were also special outings, sometimes for large groups: the goods trains were of great importance to the

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Staffordshire Blue

Staffordshire ‘Blue’ Pottery

“Staffordshire Blue’ pottery was originally bought by the aspiring Middle Classes as they became more prosperous both here in Britain and overseas. At first the scenes were Chinese, replaced in time with local views and then even with reproductions of Rowlandson prints, as the Dr Syntax series produced for the

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Museum Lace

The Lace Collection

There is a much admired and interesting collection of hand made and machine made lace. Particular pride is taken in the hand made lace kindly donated or loaned to us by Mrs Hayes of Pershore. There are examples of her work to include Brugge Flower Lace, Belgian Flanders lace, Torchon

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